Antimicrobial Bristle Technology does not guarantee complete elimination of all microbial forms. Using antibacterial soap is another great way to help prevent disease and is recommended to ensure a clean sink and healthy home. Rinse and clean SINK N' SPIN® thoroughly after use and allow to dry. SINK N' SPIN® is dishwasher safe and dishwashing is the best way to deep clean SINK N' SPIN® in between use.

*SINK N' SPIN® is twice as fast as a sponge on knives when comparing cleaning speed in SINK N' SPIN®'s double sided cutlery cleaning slot vs leading name brand sponge.

*SINK N' SPIN® saves 10 times the water with the drain plugged in a standard U.S. kitchen sink basin compared to traditional hand dishwashing. Traditional hand dishwashing uses 20 gallons of water on average vs SINK N' SPIN® with the drain plugged using only 2 gallons.

Energy efficient electronic dishwashers use on average 4 gallons of water compared to as little as 2 gallons of water with SINK N' SPIN®.

SINK N' SPIN® and the SINK N' SPIN® mark are registered trademarks of SINK N' SPIN, LLC in USA.