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Clean your dish, knife, bowl, or silverware in a snap with double sided scrubbing bristles on the kitchen sink brush. A fast and easy dish washer to spin wash bowls, plates, cups & cookware like commercial dish brush at a bar sink brushes. The knife scrubber and cutlery cleaner brush is a silverware washer right in the sink for easy utensil scrubber suction cleaning.
Sink N' Spin® In Sink Dishwashing System $34.99 $69.99
NO MESSES: Avoid cleaning up after others with the in sink dish washing brush.  Just suction in the kitchen sink for up to 20 LB of scrubbing power & suction.  There's No Excuse To Leave a Mess in The Sink.  This patented in sink solution scrub brush cleaner makes it easier than ever and is an essential for the whole family, messy roommates and kids!  With an Easy Spin Perfect Fit Handle - Sink N' Spin® is quicker & easier for everybody including those with Limited Mobility, Arthritis, Wrist, Back, Shoulder or Arm Injury, Amputation, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS or Disability.  Cleaning is so easy, you can do it with 1 hand! 2X FASTER: Clean your bowl, plate, knife or silverware in a snap with Double Sided Scrubbing Bristles on the patented kitchen sink brush.  This fast and easy in sink dishwasher spin washes bowls, plates, dishes & cookware like commercial restaurants & bars do it.  Now it's easier than opening the door!  Plus it's safer for cleaning sharp items.  The knife scrubber and cutlery cleaner brush is a silverware washer right in the sink for faster utensil scrubbing action.  Finally, a way to prevent the pile-up!  SAVE WATER: Reduce your water and electric bill with this Eco-Friendly gadget.  This in sink kitchen brush Saves 10X Water vs. traditional hand dishwashing by plugging the drain & filling the sink with 2 gallons water.  Make the Double Sided Spin Cleaning Brush get to work with soap & 2 gallons of water to scrub bowls, plates, utensils and silverware cleaner than a restaurant sink brush.  Enjoy getting your sink, knife & cookware shiny with less risk of cuts and broken or chipped kitchenware.  Clean as you go so dishes & utensils are ready when you need them! FITS ANYWHERE: With in sink suction you can scrub anything cleaner, faster with easy spin scrubbing action.  Just twist 180° for 360° coverage.  Fits in Any Sink with or without the Perfect Fit Handle to clean and wash in ANY SINK, ANY ANGLE, ANYWHERE.  New Patented Technology with Soft & Stiff “Easy Clean Bristles” reach deep into corners and provide full 360° cleaning coverage.  Sink N' Spin® can tackle Any Mess, like the Countertops, Kitchen & Stove. DISHES. ARE. ROUND.  Why Isn't Your Brush? NO MORE MESSES EASY AS OPENING THE DOOR CLEANS COUNTERTOPS & SILVERWARE TOO 🇺🇸 USA Owned & Operated 🇺🇸
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