How To Save 10X Water & Reduce Pollution

Don't you hate it when you want to wipe your dish clean and there's a mess before you even start? There's one thing that can really make a difference in your everyday life, and it's as simple as cleaning up after eating. Not only does it reduce disease-causing bacteria but it can help prevent sickness. Learn how to prevent the next pileup while saving up to 10X the water with SINK N' SPIN®
How To Save 10X Water & Reduce Pollution

Hey guys, it's Zach, product developer of the SINK N’ SPIN® Dishwashing System. I’m going to show you guys today how we are going to save up to 10x water and save our planet.

With ocean levels rising and erosion creeping into our cities, the amount of energy used for water is as high as 34% of the total. The pollutants created, making the amount of energy needed to pump water, greatly contribute to the ocean levels rising and the rising temperatures. Fortunately, there are things we can act on today to help prevent and even reverse these negative impacts we've had on our own environment. 

SINK N’ SPIN® is the world's first and only solution to prevent the pile up. As a college football student, I lived with five other football players that in between classes, all needed to find a way to eat up to five times a day.  So, as you could imagine, it didn't take long for the kitchen and sink to be full of crusty, smelly, dirty dishes. 

Sponges just weren't working and took too long.  They were hard to find under a tower of dirty dishes and always covered in grease.  Besides, they can carry diseases you can't see, that spread to other people and we couldn't afford to get sick.  If dishes ever did make it to the dishwasher, you could never tell if they were clean or dirty.  There was always sort of like half clean and you would have to rewash them by hand before you can eat.  Commercial dishwashers can't handle all the excess food and make it easy for bacteria or mold to start spreading.  Even in the back, you can see this dishwasher has a drain, just like yours, that gets dirty and clogged if you don't clean your dishes beforehand.  We wasted way too much time trying to make a plate and there wasn't even enough space on the kitchen counter to make a bowl of cereal so we knew there had to be a better way.  With SINK N’ SPIN®, it was the only way that we could keep our kitchen clean and organized.  To start cleaning with SINK N’ SPIN®, you have to start with a clean sink.  So that's what we're going to do - we're going to disinfect the sink.

First, we're going to have to remove any sharp edges that might be left - any knives or cutting utensils.  We're going to clean them later with SINK N’ SPIN® no touch cleaning of sharp edges.  So as you can see it has a handle, a soap reservoir and soap dispenser with a slow drip into the cutlery clean slot.  To disinfect the sink with these antibacterial bristles, just spin the brush.  Twist 180 degrees and clean a full 360 degrees, inside or outside sink.  Whether or not your sink looks dirty, it's probably a good idea to do this before using SINK N’ SPIN® just because it'll disinfect all the bacteria with the sink being one of the places in the home it is found the most.

Who doesn't love a clean, empty sink?!  There you see it with SINK N’ SPIN® you can suction either on the side wall or over the drain with the handle installed.  You have up to 20 pounds of suction with these incredibly strong suction cups.  You can see me here giving it a test.  Okay settle down.

All you have to do is add a little soap to the top of the reservoir and then give her a spin or swipe whether it's a plate or a bowl, for silverware and sharp edges in the no-touch center cleaning slot.

Now today, I’m going to show you how to save up to 10x water vs traditional hand-washing, which is what we're here to do today.  To do your part, all you are going to have to do is plug the drain, turn on the water, add SINK N’ SPIN® and then add some soap.  This ensures you're doing your part to save our planet and 10 times the water.  Using SINK N’ SPIN® with the drain plug uses only about three gallons of water versus up to 30 with traditional hand washing.

With antimicrobial bristle technology, you'll be able to handle any mess whether the sinks full or empty.  Here you can see a moldy dish that my cat had eaten out of a week or so ago.  And then you could see the touch-free action on the cleaning of knives.

New and improved on this model are the triple scraping edges for forks, spoons and knives.  Any stuck on tough messes are sure to scrape off.  Cleaning has never been easier.  As you can see food and debris just simply rinse right off.

The only way to remove SINK N’ SPIN® safely, is by pulling the suction cup pull tabs.  There's 4 on each SINK N’ SPIN® and you just need to use your nail to lift them.  By releasing the tabs you can use the handle and clean up any leftover messes or bigger items. 

Cleaning with the handle is a lot like normal brush, except it only takes about half the time and your hands stay free of any soap, grease, debris or bacteria.  No matter what the mess, you can leave SINK N’ SPIN® in the sink so it's always ready to go and cleaning is easy for the next person.  All right, well I don't know who needs to hear this but the dishes aren't done until the stove is clean.  Tag someone you know that needs to hear that.  Cleaning on multi-services is easy and fast. 

With SINK N’ SPIN®’s patented technology and design, you can be sure it'll stay clean whether you got big messes or small.  And it's dishwasher safe, just throw it in with your normal dishwashing cycle and it'll come out clean as new.  Even better than that, the dishes are clean and spotless.  No more double cleaning for this guy.  Beautiful all right guys, ladies and gents,  do your part and make this place a little better than we found it!

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