5 Tips For A More Functional Kitchen

The kitchen may be one of the rooms you use most, but cramped corners and clutter can hinder your productivity.  Eliminate excuses and get your kitchen under control with these tips to add function to your daily routine.

5 Tips For A More Functional Kitchen

1. Consider the countertops. 

Your kitchen may not be the biggest room in your house but if you cook, you know how important it is to maximize counter space.  Organize the essentials and put everything that is not necessary into cabinet storage.  Clean dirty dishes as you go and make sure to wipe the counter down with a cleaner to kill germs.  Avoiding problems by staying organized and cleaning up as you go makes for a happy, healthy kitchen.


2. Minimize back-ups. 

Your countertops may be clean and tidy but as we all know too well, the next mess is only a meal away.  Dirty dishes left in the sink seem to get crusty within a matter of minutes.  Neglecting to clean up after you eat just makes for a smelly mess later.  If you have kids or live with a messy roommate, you are all too familiar with the excuses.  Use a multi-function suctioning scrub brush like SINK N' SPIN® to encourage the clean-up.  SINK N' SPIN® securely suctions in or on the side of your kitchen sink making it hard not to wipe clean dirty plates, bowls and silverware right away.


3. Keep Continuity in Mind. 

If you’re eating 3 meals a day and don’t eat out to save money, you better believe you’ll be back in the kitchen soon.  Cooking a meal but having to clean up from the last one first adds to the frustration, especially when you are hungry!  Minutes matter when cooking or baking and distractions can cause you to burn your food.  Have all cookware, tableware and utensils clean before you start by promoting cleanup and keeping mess makers accountable.


4. Hook It Up. 

Stop fumbling through drawers for cooking utensils.  Instead, mount hooks on a skinny wood plank above the stove.  Now, a spatula, spoon or whisk is never far away when you're in the middle of dinner.  When you are done flipping your burgers or whisking your eggs, wiping it clean right away is quick and easy.


5. Store It Where You Need It.

To make cooking and baking most comfortable, make sure your kitchen is laid out for maximum efficiency.  Keeping items in the areas that you use them helps cut down on wasted movement and saves you time.  Station your cooking and clean up items within arm’s reach of where you use them.  This way you’ll never have to ‘find’ the dish soap or that special baking pan you need.

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